Who we are

In 2020, our two co-founders had a groundbreaking idea to revolutionize the way young people build their credit. Our idea is simple: we all love to go out and enjoy our lives to the fullest. What if we told you that with XCredit you can build an alternative and much more transparent credit score while doing the things you love? Yes, you heard that right. Anything from coffee purchases, a trip to the grocery store, and social outings, can help you build credit on our app.

Now, with a growing network of merchant partners, XCredit can also help you connect with your favorite local stores and earn exclusive rewards while shopping. With a growing community of users, we hope to make an impact and bring the tools for credit building to the next generation.


Our mission

Today, over 26 million Americans are credit invisible and unable to access a financial future. XCredit solves this by allowing people to build credit by completing payment requests from friends and family. Imagine combining the familiarity of your favorite peer-to-peer payment app with a better credit score, making building credit quick and easy. It’s time to give credit where credit is due.

We’re also seeking to increase visibility for local businesses by connecting them to a growing network of customers on our app by facilitating their transactions.

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