We use technicians who are very skilled in the field of data security, and we also use AI technology to secure your data, so no need to worry.
Users utilize peer-to-peer lending and set deadlines for requests. The requestee can then build XCredit through our application by completing the payment request in accordance to that deadline. Your XCredit score can then be used to get instant loans after completing enough transactions.
There is a daily limit of $200 total across all transactions.
All transactions are stored on the Transaction History page. Payment trends and score details are recorded and displayed for each user. Changes are tracked as far back as a year.
Each user’s individual XCredit score is private and can only be seen by that user. Privacy settings allow you to modify who can see your XCredit score and different aspects of your profile.
Our merchant portal feature is in development and will offer XCredit users exclusive promotions when paying with XCredit.

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